Why Crack Stitching Is Effective in Building Maintenance: 5 Reasons

The famous quote, “A stitch in time saves nine,” alludes that if there are small cracks or tears in any material, they can be sewn or filled to reduce more damage. If you let things continue with the same damage in their structure and think that something so miniscule will not make a difference in the bigger picture, we’re sorry to tell you that the truth is otherwise. A small tear or a crack symbolises the onset of something that could bear greater consequences if not paid attention to.

Crack stitching is a process that fills in existing cracks in a surface to prevent them from getting worse. It is an important step in property maintenance, and should not be ignored. Masonry is commonly subject to the extremes of weather, as a result of global warming. The high temperatures can cause the materials to expand and then when the temperature drops, the material contracts, thus creating cracks.

What you can do to take care of your property is to organise maintenance and inspection walks with your building’s facility manager or whoever may be responsible for this. The best way to keep an eye out for cracks in walls is to be aware of the factors that can lead to them. Bulging or bowing walls can be an early sign of a crack, and hot weather can cause some cracks to appear suddenly.

What Is Crack Stitching?

Crack stitching is a permanent, efficient solution for cracks that form in the masonry of buildings or any establishment. Just as stitches help fix tears and mend fabric, crack stitching for buildings and properties repairs cracks by filling them with a fluid form of concrete.

At Next Level Painting, we offer crack stitch repair services. If you notice any cracks in your walls, no matter how small they might be, get in touch with us and we will send someone over for inspections. Our experts are highly knowledgeable, skilled and trained to take care of such situations. After their inspection rounds, our experts will be able to tell you what the issue is and what needs to be done. We understand that some cracks may sprout at a higher altitude and for problems as such, we also offer rope access concrete and crack repairs.

What Should You Do If You Find Cracks In Your Building?

The first thing you need to do is find out the reason behind this crack. This will help you figure out how you can prevent such damage in the future. Although, for this step you need a professional or a structural engineer. That is where we at Next Level Painting come in. Once our expert is on the site and has inspected the area properly, they may recommend crack stitching, if required.

Our crack stitching services offer permanent solutions to such problems, by fixing the masonry and filling in the cracks.

When Can Crack Stitching Be Used?

Depending on the size and type of the crack, our expert will go ahead with the process. Sometimes the crack may be small, big, stepped or a combination of both. Crack stitching should be executed as soon as cracks appear on the external wall.

Benefits Of Crack Stitching

The best thing about crack stitching is that it is not only a permanent solution for cracks but also is invisible after it is filled in and dried. This means that the aesthetic of your building is not compromised. Additionally:

  • Crack stitching fixes easily, even with weaker materials
  • Crack sticking provides flexibility once the process is finished
  • Applications are not time-consuming

If you’re walking around the perimeter of your building and you observe a small crack, please visit our website at http://nextlevelpainting.com.au/ to fill in an online enquiry form or call us at +61 451 652 949 to contact our experts today.