About Us

Next level Painting is a rope access painting company that undertakes all aspects of exterior painting.

Our friendly professional team prides themselves on attention to detail.

We utilise innovative and effective industrial rope access techniques to gain access to high and difficult to reach places.

At Next Level Painting we take safety, quality and efficiency very seriously.


At Next Level Painting, our qualified professional painters pride themselves on attention to detail. They take quality, efficiency, and safety very seriously. Our painters utilise innovative technology and industrial rope access techniques to get even the hardest of jobs done properly, safely, and on time. From residential properties that are difficult to access, to high-rise apartment or commercial buildings, our painters produce excellent work on them all.

Our team of Sydney based, commercial painters provide professional rope access painting services, thereby removing all the height and area limitations related to the painting process. With industrial ropes access techniques all areas of a building can be easily reached, bypassing height restrictions. This will remove the need to hire expensive scaffolding or machinery, reducing your costs significantly.

For residential or commercial buildings, a new and professional paint job will liven up the place and boost the morale of those living or working there. This is however not always simple as there are often special challenges with each project. These qualified and experienced painters will be able to professionally and safely tackle all types of challenges and tasks successfully.

Still, even the best paint job needs a properly maintained building; only then will the owner receive the maximum benefit from a new paint job. With upkeep in mind, Next Level Painting offers a multitude of building maintenance services that will preserve the aesthetics of any building over time.

Our highly trained and skilled tradesmen will be able to perform most generic building maintenance jobs to help keep your property in good condition. Next Level Painting can also use high-pressure cleaners to deeply clean your building exterior. With our industrial rope access techniques the essential tasks can be done rapidly in all areas of a building or other structures, with minimal disruption to the residents or workers.

Concrete and render repairs can be time-consuming and often difficult. The process tends to be especially hard if you are dealing with concrete spalling, a common problem seen in older buildings. With industrial equipment, our highly skilled painters will keep on top of any serious problem areas and quickly get rid of the spalling to rectify the problem and prevent it from it from spreading, keeping your building safe and in good quality.

What building maintenance provider would be complete without caulking and sealing services? The proper preservation of caulked expansion joints and window seals is crucial to successful building maintenance. When properly serviced, the joint and seals will stop water damage from occurring because they block water from leaking through, preventing potential floods. It is therefore always wise to check up on your seals so that your property can remain dry and damage free. Our tradesmen will use industrial rope access techniques in this area to achieve the best possible results and keeping the process efficient and cost effective.

With a 100% unblemished record on our previous projects, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the results regardless of what service you require. However, we leave nothing to chance; with 20 million dollars in liability insurance, you property will be well covered. Contact us today to find out more about how Next Level Painting can help you.