4 Best Solutions to Concrete Repair Problems Using Rope Access Techniques


Concrete is recognised as one of the strongest and most durable materials available for construction purposes. Its exceptional strength and versatility make it essential to most building projects, including designing walls, floors, roads, and pavements. Whether constructing a high-rise building or paving a driveway, you can rely on concrete to withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions. But as with every other thing, concrete also goes through deterioration over time. Concrete repair work must be done as and when required to keep a building in a stable condition. 

In this blog, we will go over some of the best solutions to correct concrete repair problems. But first, let’s understand:

What are the Causes Behind Concrete Repair?

Concrete repair in Sydney is a common service required by both residential and commercial buildings. The deterioration of concrete walls is caused by several natural and man-made factors. 

Over time, concrete gradually degrades due to the constant exposure to air, moisture, dust, oils, bacteria and micro-organisms. Other factors which can weaken concrete are the mistakes or irregularities found in the construction work. 

When it comes to building maintenance in Sydney, our team at Next Level Painting has the skills and expertise to perform and ensure a quick yet reliable concrete repair job.

Top Solutions for Concrete Repair Problems 

Over time, hardened concrete slabs lose their ability to hold the binding materials together. This could be due to building damage or environmental factors. Concrete repair refers to a set of techniques that can be used to restore weakened concrete.  

Below, we look at the solutions for the most common concrete problems.

1. Concrete Curling:

This problem occurs when the top and the below surface of a concrete slab differ in temperatures and moisture levels. This distorts the concrete, and the affected slab curls upwards or downwards. This results in an uneven surface. 

If the concrete curling is less than ¼ inch or happens in a low-traffic zone, rest assured. But if the total curl on the slab is more than ¼ inch and/or is located in a high-traffic area, it needs immediate remedial work. Make sure the curling has stopped before you start the repair process; otherwise, it can be a waste of money. 

The solutions for concrete curling involve: 

  • Cutting more control joints into the concrete slab 
  • Grinding the concrete slab 
  • Replacing parts of the concrete slab 
  • Transferring the loaded of the slab by installing dowel bars into the concrete

2. Concrete Scaling:

The concrete surface starts to chip or flake, which is known as scaling. This is caused due to a rushed job during the concrete curing process, water seepage, and freeze-thaw – all resulting in a weak surface. Concrete scaling can happen in a tiny section, or it may spread to the whole surface. 

The solutions for concrete scaling are: 

  • Using a colour-matching compound to patch up the affected surface 
  • Resurfacing the concrete with an overlay 
  • Replacing the entire concrete slab 

3. Concrete Discolouration:

This is the result of a job poorly done. Discolouration means blotches, dark spots, or stripes appear on the surface of the concrete. 

The solutions to concrete discolouration are: 

  • For mild discolouration

  • Flush the concrete surface with hot water repeatedly and then scrub the marks with a stiff brush. 
  • For severe discolouration

  • Go for an acid treatment

4. Concrete Cancer:

When air-borne chemicals, such as carbon or chloride, penetrate the surface of the concrete, it may cause erosion and structural damage to a building. If you see any rust stains on concrete walls, it may be a sign of concrete cancer. Such damage needs immediate concrete repair services. 

The solution to concrete cancer is as follows: 

  • Break out the concrete surface to expose the reinforced steel 
  • Remove all signs of corrosion from the steel and its surrounding concrete 
  • Add a rust inhibitor and concrete primer to strengthen the reinforced steel 
  • Apply a waterproofing membrane to prevent further damage 
  • Close the concrete surface 

Looking for Efficient Concrete Repairs in Sydney? 

Concrete repairs should be considered one of the most important aspects ofbuilding maintenance in Sydney. Timely maintenance can prevent any serious corrosion damage and extend the life of your concrete structures. Next Level Painting offers comprehensive solutions to concrete repair issues using advanced rope access techniques.

If you notice any visible cracks or curls in your concrete slabs, call one of our experts immediately!