Why Window Cleaning Services are Much More Important than You Think

Even though you may think the job sounds relatively easy, you may be surprised to learn how tiring window cleaning is once you try it yourself. Sure, washing the windows of your home on the ground floor may be simple, but what about if you’re living in an apartment on the fifteenth floor?

High rise window cleaning is common for residential and commercial buildings in Sydney. From basic hygiene to aesthetic purposes, window cleaning can help you keep your place clean while keeping that view crystal clear.

Whether you require residential or commercial window cleaning, cleaning is the cleaning and, at the end of the day, all that matters is you’re able to attain a squeaky-clean surface. However, window cleaning is essential for a lot more than appearance, and it offers a multitude of other benefits, such as:

  • Gets rid of pollutants: Over time, windows become duller as they fall victim to natural occurrences, such as rainstorms, dust and dirt accumulation and overexposure to sunlight, all of which tends to cause oxidation and drastically increases the difficulty of cleaning. By regularly washing your windows, you’ll be able to combat the development of sediment and maintain a bright, lively environment.


  • Keeps your home warm: By leaving your windows dirty over extended periods of time, the amount of sunlight able to come through is restricted which, like keeping your curtains closed, decreases its ability to provide warmth.


  • Aesthetic appeal for commercial reasons: For businesses, the first impression is the last impression. In many cases, this relies on the appearance of the building its located in.To live up to your clients’ expectations, it’s essential that your workplace is clean, hygienic and reflective of who you are as a business. Even though it may seem like a minute detail, window cleaning is the first step towards an appealing exterior that will keep new clients walking in the door.


  • Prolongs the lifetime of homes: It’s important to maintain each small part of our home to reduce costly damage in the future. By hiring a professional window cleaning service and the help of a pressure washer, you can be sure that all dirt and staining will be removed from every crevice, which will ultimately contribute to preventing the untimely deterioration of your property.

Ignoring your dirty windows can only lead to more costly maintenance services in the future. However, as with any activity, too much can be a bad thing. It is recommended that you invest in a professional window cleaning service 2–3 times a year.

At Next Level Painting, we guarantee the best results while saving you from the tyring task of cleaning the windows yourself.

We also offer an array of other building maintenance services. Whether you’re looking for a simple cleanup service or a full abseiling building maintenance service, our team at Next Level Painting always makes sure you get the most out of your money with services of unbeatable quality.