The Right Type of Building Maintenance: What You Need to Know

From high rise window cleaning to electrical maintenance, there are many different categories of building maintenance services, and each service holds its own importance. However, despite the abundance of professional services out there, building maintenance can be quite a tiring job. While setting up your company’s office, the first things you should consider are the different areas of maintenance you’ll require and how often you’ll need them.

For example, when considering the types of maintenance services and standards in Sydney, it’s essential to understand which specific services you will need when it comes to preserving the building’s machinery, performing regular cleaning and completing required restorations as needed. Additionally, the correct maintenance team will be able to upgrade your property to remain up to date with technology or standard improvements.

Deterioration of a property is normal and inevitable over time. In order to prevent this from occurring sooner rather than later, 3 main types of maintenance procedures are followed with every single building: routine maintenance, preventive maintenance and remedial maintenance.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is a post-construction service that is carried out consistently over time. This falls under one of the most essential types of maintenance because it keeps the building fully functional and protects it against external damage. Cleaning, oiling, sealing, painting, plastering, polishing, etc. are all included in routine maintenance.

Daily maintenance involves general cleaning of floors, walls and sanitary rooms. Glass doors should be cleaned weekly, and a thorough cleaning should be performed every 2–3 months. Lifts, escalators, heating systems, evaporative cooling systems and all other electrical appliances should be inspected and maintained periodically to check for leaks or damage.

Preventive Maintenance


Preventative maintenance is carried out during and following construction and is essential if you wish to guarantee long-term durability. Before commencing construction, this maintenance check is completed to survey the land. While the foundation of a property is what ultimately ensures its structural integrity, if preventative measures aren’t carried out before its erected, the property is at risk of being built on land that is not suitable, which can dramatically decrease its lifetime.

Remedial Maintenance

Even after completing routine and preventative maintenance, the property is still vulnerable to unforeseen external and internal damage. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily an area you can avoid. In order to stay one step ahead and ensure you’re able to prevent any further damage, remedial maintenance should be completed to catch and mend the problem.

This process generally involves removing any decay and defects found in the structure and is typically done to repair leaks, water and fire damage and power outages.

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