How Safe Is Rope Access? – Next Level Painting

Construction and related industries have been dealing with a countless number of life-threatening risks. Transporting heavy building materials, using industrial machinery, and simply moving around the construction site carries a serious risk of injuries.

However, one of the concerning factors that top all is working at a height. Simply watching an expert technician suspended hundreds of feet up in the air performing rope access remedial work​ brings a different level of anxiety.

However, when you see the exact person working at the same height supported by a firm plank of a scaffolding structure, rope access crack repairs​ doesn’t seem like a dangerous job.

Rope access relies on much more than just a sturdy rope and allows you to conduct repairs and maintenance on high-end buildings. Keeping the appearance aside, rope access is probably the safest option a construction professional can consider when working at height.

In this article, you will understand why and how rope access is safe for construction, painting, repairs and maintenance of high access buildings.

What Does Rope Access Involve?

Previously, rope access was not considered a suitable option for construction, industrial, or engineering purposes. However, due to the advanced development in safety, engineering, and new technology, you can now rely on rope access to work on high structures. Rope access involves following similar principles that are often used while abseiling mountains or cliffs. Rope access required complete teamwork to ensure no casualties occurred during the job.

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Before the International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) – nearly 20 years ago to be precious – rope access jobs would require the same skill set used during climbing a mountain or cliff.

However, IRATA created a mandatory training requirement for every rope access specialist, that they have to complete before using the equipment for any real-life scenario.

Equipment required for rope access work must go through stringent testing before using it to ensure it can hold an excess amount of weight than required.

Strict Safety Standards & Procedures

Rope access is one of the best alternatives to scaffolding. Industries such as construction, oil and gas, civil engineering can consider using rope access services. Before the introduction of rope access safety standards, there were limited safety procedures and no government oversight bodies, which led to several tragic accidents. The increasing amount of tragic accidents in industries urged rope access technicians to promote their safety during the abseiling job. The constant appeal and organisation led to the formation of IRATA – the world’s leading authority on industrial rope access. IRATA sets the safety guidelines and standards related to industrial rope access work, safeguarding the lives of expert technicians working at height.

Advantages of Using Rope Access

Rope access offers countless advantages to abseilers accessing difficult structures, at height. To name some:

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  • Compared to other traditional methods like scaffolding, repair, maintenance, or paint jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently. Scaffolding, on the other hand, can be time-consuming as you have to set up a new structure.
  • In rope access, all tools and equipment required to do the job are attached to the technician’s belt, meaning the chances of dropping a tool or two and hurting someone below are limited.
  • Working on awkwardly shaped or difficult to reach buildings can be challenging and complicated. However, considering rope access can easily tackle the issues as it offers you complete flexibility.
  • Rope access incurs the least amount of environmental or property damage because of using limited equipment.

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