An Insight into Commercial Window Cleaning

When it Regular maintenance like window cleaning and minor repairs of your high-rise building is crucial to ensuring your business is successful. The exterior of the windows on a high rise building will ideally require high-pressure cleaning. This isn’t something that the businesses can handle themselves.

A clean and well-maintained building also creates a better impression on both the clients and the employees. It makes the building more appealing. The number of high-rise buildings being constructed is on the rise and they are also getting taller every year. There are several methods to access high rise buildings which require special skills.

This article goes on to provide vital information on high-pressure cleaning in Sydney.


Popular windows cleaning techniques

A high-rise building plays a big role when creating a good impression. However, it requires special techniques to access the buildings for the purpose of cleaning them. Listed here are some of the popular techniques:

  • Rope access: Rope access in Sydney is one of the most popular techniques since it is easy to access hard to reach places as well as tall buildings. It involves navigating oneself while sliding down a rope from the top. Considering the architecture of the buildings these days this technique can be considered the best.
  • Scaffolding: This method makes use of a platform or a stage suspended using ropes and is also a safe method. However, it requires more preparation and is less flexible.
  • Cranes: Using cranes to access great heights for the purpose of cleaning is perfectly reasonable. However, this too requires more time to prepare and will end up blocking access to the building as well.

 Essential facts on commercial window cleaning

  • Pressure washing is a highly effective method of removing dirt & grime and keeping the windows clean for a longer time.
  • It is essential to clean the windows on a regular basis to ensure they are clean and improve their longevity.
  • Special tools and techniques are required to clean windows that are at a great height, it is very different from cleaning windows that are accessible on the ground itself.
  • Some of the equipment necessary to clean the windows of a high-rise building includes safety ropes, protector ropes, grabbing tools, suctions caps, protective gear, special cleaning equipment and much more.
  • Since not every building is designed straight up; it is necessary for the professional cleaners to account for obstructions and work around the architecture of the building to clean it. The rope access method is a popular technique that makes this possible.
  • The weather conditions tend to affect the window cleaner however, with the rope access method it is simpler to reschedule the cleaning since it does not require a great deal of setup.

Why hire professional window cleaners?

Professional window cleaners like Next Level Painting have the expertise to rope access window cleaning. There are many advantages of trusting professionals with this task. Besides having the expertise to access great heights, they will also have the necessary equipment and experience to handle the tasks. This also means that one does not need to invest in expensive equipment for the purpose of cleaning.

Next Level Painting is a professional firm that offers a wide range of services like rope access painting, high-pressure clearing, concrete and renders repairs, building maintenance, caulking & sealing, facade cleaning and much more. This is also well insured and will take every precaution to avoid damaging your building. It is best to trust the experts at Next Level Painting for the window cleaning requirements of your high-rise.