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Concrete And Render Repairs In Sydney

Managing treatment for concrete spalling {concrete cancer} can be very time consuming unless the problem can be efficiently and permanently rectified. Next Level Painting can keep on top of the problem areas before they become too serious and even a danger to the public.

Concrete Cancer

What is concrete cancer? Spalling, cracked or damaged concrete is much more than just an eyesore. Left untreated, compromised concrete can quickly lead to serious structural problems requiring extensive remediation.

Concrete Cancer occurs when carbonation and high chloride levels in the environment {usually present in costal locations} cause corrosion of concrete buildings. If its left untreated concrete cancer can lead to serious structural deterioration resulting in extensive and expensive repairs.

At Next Level Painting, our concrete repair specialists solve problem areas before they get worse and more costly to repair.

Common methods of preventing concrete spalling:

  • Applying a good water sealant to the finished surface will prevent water from entering the concrete mix.
  • Efficient management of concrete while pouring.
  • Making sure the concrete has an essential cover and that the contraction joints are placed in the right position and spaced correctly to prevent random cracking in the concrete.
  • Ensure the right amount of water is used for the concrete mix.

Common Reasons for Concrete Spalling

Cracks in concrete or damaged concrete work (concrete spalling) around the house can be a challenge to repair. Sometimes, homeowners find issues with pre-existing structures, newer foundations or recent construction. There are many factors that can cause damage to your concrete and our concrete repair specialists have identified some common reasons:

  • Poor quality and workmanship.
  • Corrosion increases the pressure on concrete and causes damage.
  • Corrosion damage is due to the effect of an alkali-silica reaction (ASR) which causes expansive pressure leading to the concrete cracking.
  • Low-quality concrete over the reinforced steel.
  • Poorly constructed joints lead to joint spalling.

If your concrete is damaged, don’t worry, because we provide concrete repairs in Sydney and are able to solve almost any problem.

Services We Provide

As highly skilled concrete repair specialists, we provide treatment for concrete spalling and help manage all your concrete repairs. Our concrete repair service in Sydney approaches all concrete related problems with the aim to solve it quickly and prevent further damage and, more importantly, we aim to solve your concrete problems permanently.

Concrete spall repairing is more than simply putting the structure back in place as a quick fix. It possesses a greater challenge and is also different from the typical concrete laying process in a new construction job. It involves complex engineering which gets more complicated as the structure gets older and deteriorates further. Rushing to fix such problems with a temporary solution can become a big safety hazard. At Next Level Painting, we offer expert assistance for buildings in need of concrete repairs in Sydney.

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