Abseiling vs Scaffolding: Which Method To Consider Before Hiring Abseiling Painters in Sydney?

As a property owner or landlord, you have connections with different people over the years, one, being the most important are painting contractors. Painting contractors maintain and renovate your property.

However, working in areas that are difficult to access or those situated at a great height can be quite a task. The main options available for difficult to access building and maintenance are abseiling and scaffolding. We will be looking at each in turn and give you a better understanding of their benefits. If you are still dilemmatic about which service to choose, then keep on reading:


Scaffolding is one of the best choices for older or architecturally complex buildings. However, it is important to be extremely careful while scaffolding to protect the facade of the building. Additionally, choosing an experienced scaffolder can ensure that the task is completed properly without any casualties.

Experienced scaffolders have the right knowledge and expertise to ensure the proper scaffold is provided for the building. There are two options of scaffolding, suspended or supported. However, both can only be suitable for certain types of building. Scaffolding structures should be built by professionals, inspected, and tested properly before use. Apart from safety inspections at the beginning, scaffolding should be inspected regularly to ensure it has better integrity.

When choosing scaffolding for difficult to access and non-traditional buildings, especially for those which are listed or of historical significance, ensure that things are kept carefully in place. There are scaffolding options that require direct horizontal support from the building, instead of a vertical one, to avoid interference with the building’s facade.

Scaffolding can be used for a wide range of buildings, but ask an expert before choosing it.


Abseiling, better known as rope access, is quite popular for working at height, particularly for buildings with historical significance. Rope access is one of the least invasive and risky options when considering the façade of any building. It utilises a range of ropes, pulleys and highly-trained abseiling painters in Sydney to ensure a safely carried out painting, repair, or renovation.

Abseiling building maintenance can turn out to be one of the simplest and safest options. Choosing a reliable abseiling building maintenance provider company for window cleaning, maintenance, painting, and other work offers several benefits. Compared to other alternative methods, abseiling building maintenance is quite affordable and offers effective operations without any further disruptions. Considering the importance of on-site safety, using certified abseiling painters in Sydney can eliminate various challenges related to your project.

Many property owners and developers find this option to be an affordable option, especially for the high rise building painting in Sydney. When it comes to scaffolding, the costs tend to increase as the height does and it may also become expensive if the service is needed for quite a long time. Hence, the setup and speed of rope access remedial works have increased their popularity.


There is no hard and fast rule about which method will be better. Each system needs to consider based on the onsite safety, project timeframe, and cost-effectiveness of the project.

Therefore, when considering method scaffolding and abseiling for building maintenance and painting, it will be a great benefit for building owners to seek the opinion of companies that have years of experience and detailed knowledge in the use of all forms of scaffolds and rope access. They are in the right position to recommend the best form of access for your building.

As specialists in the most difficult to access buildings and providing the right solutions for all building types, we can help you make the right decision when it comes to access services. We provide you with a wide range of facade survey and maintenance services available which helps you gain appropriate access options. To find out more about how Next Level Painting’s abseiling high rise painters can help with the painting maintenance of your commercial building or residential block, please call us today on 61 451 652 949.