5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Windows Regularly

Most homeowners and commercial business owners fail to maintain their not so crystal-clear windows. However, considering regular cleaning and maintenance of your windows can help elevate the entire look of your property.

Regardless of whether you own a small suburban house or a high-end commercial building, the importance of cleaning your windows regularly remains constant – boost property value and obtain a clearer view. While anyone can clean the window of a residential house, high-end buildings are a different story.

commercial building maintenance checklist


Abseiling building maintenance is a must for high-end commercial buildings to ensure smooth functioning and operation.

There are a few highlighting reasons why window cleaning is crucial for both residential and commercial property – whether it’s a DIY job or you plan to hire a window cleaning company.

Here are the top five reasons to clean your dirty windows regularly.

1. To Obtain a Clear View

  • Imagine living or working on the top-most floor of a high-end building with a gorgeous view. Sounds great, right? But your pleasant viewing experience is quickly hindered by smudgy and dirty windows.
  • We understand that there is nothing worse than missing out on a gorgeous view because of dirty window glass.
  • However, considering regular cleaning of your window can help you prevent this easily. Cleaning your windows regularly maintains the gorgeous view crystal clear for you and your loved ones at home or your employees back at work.
  • Crystal clean windows can also improve your morale and health by allowing an ample amount of sunlight to nourish you with some Vitamin D.

2. For a Complete Glass Protection

  • Did you know that cleaning your windows regularly can extend the life span of the glass? A piece of information worth learning about! When you neglect the cleanliness of your windows, a thin layer of grime, dirt, and mildew start to form on the glass surface.
  • These dirt build-ups, over time, can weaken the structural integrity of the glass. With a few scratches, your glass window becomes fragile and breaks eventually.
  • Considering regular cleaning and maintenance of your window can protect your glass from becoming fragile and prevent the growth of such dirt build-ups.

3. Better Energy Efficiency

  • Clean, clear window glass has an indirect effect on your space’s energy efficiency. Dirty windows can prevent sunlight from penetrating through your home or building, making things draftier and colder for you.
  • Additionally, windows are considered the weakest insulation point in your walls. Apart from this, corrosion and rot of a window’s frame can create holes in your house or building.
  • To prevent pest infestation and balance the inside temperature, always consider hiring a professional window cleaner that can restore such window frame issues.

4. Prevent Bad Air Quality

  • Pollution and dirt particles in the air can start to build upon your windows, decreasing your property’s air quality. Such dirt particles can be mould which poses a severe health threat to you and your family.
  • Mould is considered a health hazard, and you should take the necessary steps to prevent it. If left unattended, it can even lead to lung disease or other medical issues.
  • Considering regular window cleaning can help reduce bad air quality and clear the air inside the building.


5. To Improve Your Curb Appeal

  • Who doesn’t want an attractive and appealing space? Cleaning windows regularly can improve and increase your curb appeal easily.
  • A professional window cleaner can also undertake regular exterior cleaning jobs like pressure washing to elevate the entire look of your property.
  • Apart from improving your curb appeal, window cleaning can also boost your home value, making it profitable for you.

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